Poetry by Thomas Gardner

Under the Miserable Sky

“There are no spooks” I heard her say
On that gray & dreary day,
in her prim and proper way.

“There are I tell you” was my reply
As we walked under the miserable sky.
“I swear to God, I cannot lie”

“Then how & why are they here?”
She asked without a tone of fear,
yet as she drew to me quite near.

Under the miserable sky.

I'd seen a dozen, maybe more,
yet how to describe them to this whore,
was to me my mission gore.

As we walked among the stones,
I led her over the quite bones,
to the spot of vibrant tones,

where she would see her spook.

“My dear you see, the spook is in me,
the spook is in you but will now be free”
As I laughed in my lonely glee.

The knife went high and then came down,
she lie in a puddle on the ground,
with the blood flowing all around.

And as I watched I could clearly see
a wretched ghost, being set free,
from the corpse of a whore, who charged a fee.

Under the miserable sky.

~ Shapes & Faces ~

Sometimes you just can’t miss them,
they simply jump out at you
smiling, grinning, sneering.
Sometimes when your in a meditative daze
they kinda creep up all of a sudden like
and become more visible when all else
is allowed to go out of focus.
I don’t know where they come from,
maybe they are there all the time,
hiding out of sight, spying.
Once you see one and focus in,
it’s as if it had thoughts of its own,
maybe feeling naked and exposed
and wishing to blend back into the scenery.
Anyhow, one thing is for certain,
once you turn away from one
its hard, if not impossible to find it again.
Devils, demons, vicious animals and specters
are predominant, but depending on ones
personality, I believe soft fuzzy critters can be
seen also, although I’ve never seen one.
Once I saw six at the same time and all
where very strange and horrid,
they just stared back and I thought
I could hear them talking and plotting together.
That was before I took all the fabric
with designs from my home.
Life was very quiet after that,
until I noticed they where also hiding
in the texture of my painted walls.

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