Well, now this time I have no excuse, other than to say, December literally snuck up on me. I still don't have my holiday shopping done, and even worse, I'm pretty much booked up for nearly the rest of the month. I don't care for the holidays much. Too many families, and not enough time at all! But enough complaining, on with the so-called show.

This issue of DMR is very thin. But we have some great stories and poetry for you, which we'll hope you enjoy. The staff is having some rough times, but as we all know, that's the way the wheel turns some times. You have to take the good with the bad, else how do you know the difference?

For any of you out there still awaiting replies to your submissions - we're working on it as fast as we can. Do not worry. Submissions will not be re-opened until everything that has already been sent in has been looked at and replied to. We hope that will be no later than February, perhaps even sooner. We hope you'll accept our apologies. When submissions are re-opened we will have new guidelines, new email addresses, and other new information. We hope we can look forward to a continuation of great submissions to our magazine.

And now, without further adieu - I wish you all a very happy holidays and a wonderful new year. Look for the next issue of DMR in February 2003!

Angela L. Silliman, editor
December 12, 2002

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