Greeting from the Darkside, Dear Reader,

This month was supposed to be the final installment of our trek into the mysterious land of cyptozoology. I had promised to introduce you all the wondrous creatures that have been newly found, but alas that is not to be. I promise to bring it to you it to you in our next issues and am grateful for your patience and indulgence. I know that you my Dear Reader will understand, we have been together many years and you know I would never abandon you without good reason. You see my oldest daughter is suffering from panic disorder, and stealing away just these few moments to explain was quite an accomplishment for me.

Some would ask why I even bother to explain. I could simply inform our editor of the situation, who in turn would post nonspecific explanation. However I feel a bit more responsibility to you my Dear Reader, we have been together a long time. This is also I subject I feel we should discuss in this short time that I have here with you, I'm sure many of you suffer the same thing and feel alone in this.

Panic Disorder affects millions of Americans and more worldwide. I'm certain you've seen commercials advertising promises of chemical cures, but the fact is remedy cannot be found in a bottle, and most don't understand the condition at all. If you've never experienced a severe panic attack I don't think I could explain it you, although I can try. Have you ever been truly scared say suppose a near car crash or someone scaring you by jumping out of a closet, that single second where your heart is in your throat and all you can feel is fear? This is a panic attack. Only this doesn't last for a mere moment it goes on for hours and sometimes days. I understand the condition because I to have suffered from it. I would suffer it a million times over if could take it away from her though. There is nothing worse for a parent than to have to watch a child suffer and be powerless to remove the suffering - to look into tear filled eyes that ask "Mama why is this happening?" and to have no answer.

I must cut this short my Dear Reader because to write this is simply to painful, but I want each of you who to suffer from this to know, that it does end and it does get easier, your not crazy, and your not alone. Trust me you are strong enough to fight it and come out the other side a million times stronger than you ever thought you were. Just don't be afraid to talk about it, you'd be shocked by how many have been where you are.

Sleep Well, Dear Reader,


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